Crossword Solver

Enter up to 15 letters e.g C??ES (Use ? for unknown letters).

The crossword solver helps to find words with missing letters. Sometimes it is easy to get stuck on a crossword clue. If you already have some letters and a length of the crossword puzzle then we can help. Our crossword clue solver searches for answers from a dictionary of over 558 516 words, city or country names, names and other clues.

Solve missing letters crossword clues

How to find the missing letters in a word? Underscores in a crossword clue represent the missing letters of a word. Filling the blanks with letters will give you the crossword answer.
Sometimes the clue is straightforward and the answer is the word itself. Other times you need to think more creatively and form a new word from only the missing letters. Crosswords can be tricky to solve, but that is also the reason why they are so much fun.

How to use the crossword solver?

Use our crossword help to find missing letters of clues. We solve puzzles by using pattern search.
  • First you need to type the word, name or city in the search field. The crossword solver allows you to search for answers that are up to fifteen letters long. For letters you do not know write a question mark.
  • Now choose the length of the word. This will narrow down the search considerably. Also remember that you will not find answers if the word you search for is longer than the word length you chose.
  • Last but not least press the get answers button.

Crossword clue solving tips

Solving crossword puzzles is great fun. Challenging crosswords are a good way to train your mind. They will push you to think more creatively and help in learning new knowledge. You don't have to be an expert to start solving. All you need are some simple tips to get over the first hurdles.
  • (01) Start with the short words. Try to do as many as you can. Two and three letter clues will be easier to solve than longer ones. They will also help you with rest of the grid.
  • (02) Find the fill in the blank clues and figure out the missing letters. These are normally not too hard to solve. You can even use our very own crossword solver for this.
  • (03) Mistakes happen so in order to fix them you should always use a pencil.
  • (04) If you don't know an abbreviation or acronym(shortened forms of words or phrases) then search for it online from an indicators list. A sharp mind will remember it for the next time.
  • (05) Learn common crossword words, city names and names of famous people. Crossword creators like to often use the same clues.
  • (06) Read through our solving help explanations for abbreviations, anagram indicators, container & contents Indicators, hidden word indicators, homophone indicators, deletion indicators, reversal indicators, selection indicators.
  • (07) Find the crosswords that you enjoy the most. If you have never solved puzzles before then start with easier ones. Crosswords come in many styles and difficulty levels.
  • (08) Daily practice and patience! The same principle works everywhere else in life. The more you practice the better you become. If you can not figure something out at all then look up the answer. This will help you learn.
  • (09) Take a break and start again the next day. Sometimes answers will come to you when you have had time to ponder.
  • (10) When you get stuck simply ask for help. Doing a crossword together with someone is one of the best parts.