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Anagram Solver is an online tool that rearranges the letters of a word to make new valid words. Our anagram finder helps word game players solve word puzzles like Scrabble, Words With Friends and crosswords.


An anagram is a word or phrase made from either another word or even a randomly ordered combination of letters. Anagrams always use all of the existing letters from the original word.

Anagramming example: "REAL" is an anagram of "EARL". The letters will be the same, but the order will be rearranged. Anagrams can be multiple words or a single word.

Solving anagrams is intellectually challenging and fun at the same time. Anagrams are often used in hidden messages, cryptic crosswords and other word puzzle games like Jumble, Anagrams or Boggle.

How to solve anagrams?

  • A good strategy for solving anagrams is to order all letters alphabetically. You do this to break the existing pattern of letters. Once the pattern is broken your mind can more easily rearrange the letters into new anagrams.
  • Next try to think what prefixes or suffixes can be formed from your letters.

A more uncommon method to solve anagrams is drawing a circle and writing your letters around it. This visual view allows your mind to combine letters and generate new words more easily. If nothing else helps then use our Anagram Solver.

Examples of solved anagrams

  • Dog = God
  • Low = Owl
  • Use = Sue
  • Cat = Act
  • How = Who
  • Tip = Pit
  • Tour = Rout
  • Port = Trop
  • Form = From
  • Vote = Veto
  • Rule = Lure
  • Cheap = Beans
  • North = Thorn
  • Night = Thing
  • Lemon = Melon
  • Study = Dusty
  • Height = Eight
  • Circle = Cleric
  • Supreme = Presume
  • Outside = Tedious

If you are trying to find anagrams for a crossword puzzle then this list of anagram indicators is helpful.

Most common anagrams in words

We analyzed 3000 of the most common English words to see how many anagrams each word contains. The three winning words that contained the most anagrams are: stare with 13 anagrams, least with 12 anagrams, steal with 12 anagrams.

You can make the most anagrams from these words:

If your goal is to become better at anagramming then you need to practice. Try solving some of these anagrams and see how many words you can find. Check your results against our Anagram Solver tool.