Word Unscrambler

Use the word unscrambler to unscramble words with letters and get a list of all possible Scrabble words that can be made from those letters. Unscrambled words are ordered by highest scoring first.

What Makes Our Word Scrambler The Best?

This is probably the best word unscrambler for Scrabble, because we make learning new words more effective.

Unscramble results from 3 different dictionaries

You can choose to unscramble your letter combinations between three different databases:

1) Scrabble US and Canada (TWL Dictionary with 187 630 words).
2) Scrabble UK and world (CSW Dictionary with 267 751 words).
3) Most common English words (A database of most commonly used English words. Scrabble dictionaries contain many rare and unique words. Most people will not know what these words mean. Therefore we decided to add a search option for more normal everyday words.)

We display highest scoring Scrabble words first

First we unscramble your letters into word lists by length. After unscrambling we order all words by highest score and display the results. All matching words have their Scrabble score calculated and displayed next to the word. By learning the highest value words first you save time and become a better Scrabble player.

How to find more words?

It will not matter how good the word search tool is if you don't know how to use it. Here are some tips so you can find more words: Think about word prefixes and suffixes when searching. When your letter combination shows no results then remove one or two letters and try again(you might not get an exact match but it is likely you will find new ideas).
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