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Word SPLIT Definition

Read the dictionary definition of SPLIT. All definitions for this word.

1. division of a group into opposing factions
1. another schism like that and they will wind up in bankruptcy
2. the act of rending or ripping or splitting something
1. he gave the envelope a vigorous rip
3. extending the legs at right angles to the trunk (one in front and the other in back)
4. an increase in the number of outstanding shares of a corporation without changing the shareholders' equity
1. they announced a two-for-one split of the common stock
5. (tenpin bowling) a divided formation of pins left standing after the first bowl
1. he was winning until he got a split in the tenth frame
6. a dessert of sliced fruit and ice cream covered with whipped cream and cherries and nuts
7. an old Croatian city on the Adriatic Sea
8. an opening made forcibly as by pulling apart
1. there was a rip in his pants
2. she had snags in her stockings
9. a lengthwise crack in wood
1. he inserted the wedge into a split in the log
10. a promised or claimed share of loot or money
1. he demanded his split before they disbanded
11. a bottle containing half the usual amount
12. come open suddenly and violently, as if from internal pressure
1. The bubble burst
13. separate or cut with a tool, such as a sharp instrument
1. cleave the bone
14. go one's own way; move apart
1. The friends separated after the party
15. discontinue an association or relation; go different ways
1. The business partners broke over a tax question
2. The couple separated after 25 years of marriage
3. My friend and I split up
16. separate into parts or portions
1. divide the cake into three equal parts
2. The British carved up the Ottoman Empire after World War I
17. (especially of wood) cut or ripped longitudinally with the grain
1. we bought split logs for the fireplace
18. having been divided; having the unity destroyed
1. Congress...gave the impression of...a confusing sum of disconnected local forces
2. a league of disunited nations
3. a fragmented coalition
4. a split group

Is SPLIT An Official Scrabble Word?

Can the word SPLIT be used in Scrabble? Yes. This word is an official Scrabble word in the dictionary.

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(S=1 pts), (P=3 pts), (L=1 pts), (I=1 pts), (T=1 pts),
These are some of our best tips for winning this game. You should know most if not all smaller two and three character words that exist. Especially the ones containing the characters J, Q, X and Z. It is always better to use a short phrase than to skip your turn. Never hold back or save tiles for later. Learn common suffixes and use them wisely(this rule also works with prefixes).

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