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List of 24 words made from unscrambling ASK letters. Use our word unscrambler tools to unscramble ASK letters in more detail. All three letters were used when we unscrambled A S K. Additionally this list contains words with more and less letters than 3.

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Word ASK Definition

Read the dictionary definition of ASK. All definitions for this word.

1. make a request or demand for something to somebody
1. She asked him for a loan
2. consider obligatory; request and expect
1. We require our secretary to be on time
2. Aren't we asking too much of these children?
3. I expect my students to arrive in time for their lessons
3. direct or put; seek an answer to
1. ask a question
4. address a question to and expect an answer from
1. Ask your teacher about trigonometry
2. The children asked me about their dead grandmother
3. I inquired about their special today
4. He had to ask directions several times
5. require or ask for as a price or condition
1. He is asking $200 for the table
2. The kidnappers are asking a million dollars in return for the release of their hostage
6. make a date
1. Has he asked you out yet?
2. He asekd me to a dance
7. require as useful, just, or proper
1. It takes nerve to do what she did
2. success usually requires hard work
3. This job asks a lot of patience and skill
4. This position demands a lot of personal sacrifice
5. This dinner calls for a spectacular dessert
6. This intervention does not postulate a patient's consent

Is ASK An Official Scrabble Word?

Can the word ASK be used in Scrabble? Yes. This word is an official Scrabble word in the dictionary.

Unscrambling ASK Scrabble Score

Unscrambling A S K single tiles values. What are the highest value vowels and consonants in the combination you just used the unscrambler for? Look at our answers below and try to remember them. The more terms you know with these high value characters the better chance of winning you have.
(A=1 pts), (S=1 pts), (K=5 pts),
These are some of our best tips for winning this game. You should know most if not all smaller two and three character words that exist. Especially the ones containing the characters J, Q, X and Z. It is always better to use a short phrase than to skip your turn. Never hold back or save tiles for later. Learn common suffixes and use them wisely(this rule also works with prefixes).

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How to unscramble letters to get a bigger amount of phrases with more results? One way to achieve this is to add or remove some characters in your query. That is why our word generator unscrambler made these examples:
When unscrambling hidden terms it is all about creativity for getting a good outcome that has the best answers. Our recommendation is to try out a variety of searches with different combinations containing your characters.

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