Game Winning High Score Scrabble Words

This list contains game winning high score Scrabble words. We searched the official Scrabble dictionary to find the highest value words. It is no secret that knowing more high score words will make it easier for you to win the game. Now all that is left is to remember the new words. We recommend that you learn the short words first. Professional Scrabble players know all the short words and use them consistently! Your chances of winning a game will increase greatly by only knowing the short words.

Scrabble Score Calculator

Calculate the Scrabble score of your words.

A-Z Scrabble Letter Scores

  • Letter A is 1 point
  • Letter B is 3 points
  • Letter C is 3 points
  • Letter D is 2 points
  • Letter E is 1 point
  • Letter F is 4 points
  • Letter G is 2 points
  • Letter H is 4 points
  • Letter I is 1 point
  • Letter J is 8 points
  • Letter K is 5 points
  • Letter L is 1 point
  • Letter M is 3 points
  • Letter N is 1 points
  • Letter O is 1 point
  • Letter P is 3 points
  • Letter Q is 10 points
  • Letter R is 1 point
  • Letter S is 1 point
  • Letter T is 1 point
  • Letter U is 1 point
  • Letter V is 4 points
  • Letter W is 4 points
  • Letter X is 8 points
  • Letter Y is 4 points
  • Letter Z is 10 points
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